Ad Lucem Group’s co-founder and CEO Patrick Farran joined host Michael Zipursky on the popular business podcast, Consulting Success. The two spoke about how to build a meaningful consulting practice — but beyond that, how to connect with people in a meaningful and authentic way.

“If you want to start up a meaningful consulting practice, you need to understand what drives people at a human level. Know your client’s motivation and know why you are being of service to them. Show up as your whole self and really try to add value to your clients. Understanding your full potential is key to meaningful practice. Join Michael Zipursky as he talks to the co-founder and CEO of the Ad Lucem GroupPatrick Farran about how he set up his own meaningful consultant practice. Learn what strategic partnership models you can use for your practice. Discover the true meaning of meaningfulness. And just start prioritizing your time on your business.” – Consulting Success


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