Our Services

We’re here when it’s time to level up.

At Ad Lucem Group, we help executive leaders and their organizations step up their game.

We’re here when you have a mandate to drive change and deliver results.

We help you hone in on the right strategic levers, propelling you and your organization to new levels of success and impact.

We’re here when it’s time to level up fast, deliver peak results, and advance.

Services we provide to help you achieve the results you need:

Executive Performance Offerings

Executives in Transition: New Perspectives Boot Camp

In this half-day collaborative session, we will help accelerate your learning curve, establish quick wins, and develop the foundation for long-term success in your new position.

Ad Lucem Executive Accelerator

When you have a mandate to drive successful change and no easy solution, we’ll help you assess your options, achieve clarity of focus, and identify your best and quickest path forward.

Executive Transitions

When you are taking the helm of a new organization, we’ll help you assess the lay of the land and develop your 30/60/90 day plan so you can hit the ground running and execute on the most critical success levers.

Executive Coaching

When you need to elevate your performance, we’ll help you achieve next level success.

Team & Organization Offerings

Board Revitalization Kickstart

Transcend mere “check-the-box” governance and create a purpose-driven board culture with increased loyalty, engagement, and retention.

Team Performance

When you need to optimize your team or board performance, we’ll help you align to operate more effectively and achieve greater performance outcomes.

Strategy Development

When you need to develop strategic plans that actually deliver on the value promised, we’ll help you craft your path to delivering peak performance.

Business Transformation

When you need to transform your business, we’ll help you develop your approach and successfully execute your program.

Explore how our change initiative approach will take your business to new heights.

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