Team Transformation for Peak Performance

Is it time to up your team’s game?

Is your Team or Board stagnating in the status quo with their work?

Are you on the cusp of a significant challenge that your current team or board needs to more effectively tackle?

Are you grappling with how to effectively integrate your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts?

If so, we can help your Team or Board achieve next level success through our Team Transformation for Peak Performance.

Our Solution

We specialize in coming alongside executives to perform holistic transformations with their teams to achieve peak performance, providing both thought leadership and pragmatic focus. This includes research-based best practices for optimal team performance and/or board governance as applicable.

We reinforce and build upon the team capabilities you have, assess your go forward strategy, and create a clear and shared vision for your desired future vision for your team.

We help you elevate and accelerate performance, with solutions that your team will put their full weight behind, enabling you to achieve peak team performance.

Our Approach

In strategic partnership with executive sponsors, we develop a tailored team transformation plan and cultural assessment, design, and delivery experience to meet your desired outcomes.

Depending upon the scope of your needs, we can help you with the design and delivery of your communications, operations, and people strategy components for your desired team transformation.

Frequently, we pair these efforts with a Team Transformation Summit, built on the foundational tenets of appreciative inquiry.

Throughout the process, we will work closely with your team to assess appropriate action steps necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our unwavering commitment is to help your team reach the peak performance levels of which they are truly capable.

Past Client Successes

Beth Powers

Beth Powers

CHRO, Clarios

“The Ad Lucem/Humanum team designed and delivered a custom, interactive executive development program on “Leadership as Influence” to our 100 senior leaders at our global annual leadership conference. It was extremely well received and each region and function took away key actions for implementation when they returned home to their daily jobs.”

Margarita Múnera

Margarita Múnera

General Counsel Latin America, Clarios

“The Ad Lucem/Humanum team did very tailored work for us, interviewing key internal clients, synthesizing their findings and recommendations, and developing a framework for our Latin America legal team to become better business partners.”

Anna M. Amato, Ph.D.

Anna M. Amato, Ph.D.

Caretaker, Company Culture (CCC), edtec central, LLC

“It’s easy to fall into routines and patterns of thinking. Patrick and Amber helped my team think differently about the challenges and opportunities in front of us. With their help, we created a strategic vision that was both inspiring and practical. Most importantly, they got the whole team excited and mobilized for the path ahead. It was transformative.”

Jennifer Haney

Jennifer Haney

Regional Development Coordinator, Crossroads United Way serving Elkhart, La Grange, and Noble Counties

“Ad Lucem Group brought a concise and systematic approach to our strategic planning efforts. I was impressed at how they tailored their approach to meet our diverse stakeholder needs. The preparation and direction they helped us undertake was particularly beneficial. I knew I could always reach out to them with any question and they would be responsive and quick to answer. Ad Lucem Group listened closely to what our goals and needs were, adapted to our team, and made the process easy and fun. We accomplished a lot of hard work in a short amount of time, and I’m grateful for all of their efforts.”

Kellie Vander Veur

Kellie Vander Veur

Owner, Double V Restaurants

Collaborating with Ad Lucem Group on developing a two-day leadership development workshop was such a positive and enlightening experience, My team leaned in and we left with new tools and new ideas to improve their leadership skills. It was wonderful seeing the level of engagement of our leadership contributing to the conversations and activities. This high degree of engagement and momentum has continued coming out of the workshop, with the team sharing their goals and continuing support of each other.

And we can help you achieve similar results.