Executive Coaching for Peak Performance

Is it time to up your game?

Have you been given new significant responsibilities?

Are you stagnating and looking to take on new challenges?

Have you come to realize that what got you here won’t get you there?

If so, we can help you achieve next level success through our Executive Coaching for Peak Performance.

Our Approach

Our proven approach, outlined below, can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Discovery Packet 

We will provide you with an initial discovery packet to complete so we can get to know you and design the perfect process for your development.

1-hour Discovery Session

In this initial kickoff-call, we will review your completed discovery packet, assess key strengths/assets, current challenges, and define your Success Outcomes for Coaching.

Weekly Calls During Your 90-Day-Sprint

We know time is short, so we focus on showing quick wins within 90 days. We’ll meet weekly to help advance your Success Outcomes for Coaching during the sprint.

Optional 360-Degree Assessment Support

If desired, we can include a 360-Degree Assessment to incorporate stakeholder feedback into the coaching process and help you better understand how to leverage your strengths and round-off your edges.

At Your Fingertips Support Throughout the Engagement

We use Voxer, an asynchronous voice app, to make getting support easy. You can ask questions, provide updates, or request and receive help on specific items during the coaching engagement. We’ll always respond within 1-business day.

90-Day Sprint Assessment

As your sprint draws to a close, we’ll plan a recap call to review your progress and assess your goals for the next sprint.

Our unwavering commitment is to deliver as much value as quickly as possible so you can accelerate your growth, gaining immediate positive momentum that will result in exceptional outcomes for you, your team, and the organization at large.


Past Client Successes

Norbert K. Tan, MBA, CPC

Norbert K. Tan, MBA, CPC

Executive Coach; Deputy Director, AAP|Equity Alliance and Stop AAP| Hate

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle this past year, during my career transition. Michelle is a “coach’s coach.” As a certified Executive Coach myself, I sought Michelle’s guidance in multiple areas of my professional life.

Michelle is an executive leader’s “river guide.” She aptly and gracefully guides you over unchartered waters, helping you navigate the rocks, rapids, and sharp turns of your professional life. She’ll support you through this journey, and at the same time provide precise, honest feedback towards your growth and progress.

Michelle helped me create an openness to see and welcome opportunities that I otherwise would have missed. She helped wean me off my “shiny object syndrome” – i.e., chasing opportunities that didn’t align with my career purpose and vision.

Michelle has undoubtedly helped me become a more thoughtful, insightful, and impactful leader.”

Julie Rodrigues Widholm

Julie Rodrigues Widholm

Director of Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

“During my first year as the director of an organization, Ad Lucem Group helped me immensely to focus on the key priorities, messages, and stakeholders while navigating the many challenges of leading remotely during the pandemic. My regular executive advisory sessions with Joel Farran were incredibly beneficial by creating opportunities to rise above daily tasks to focus on vision and bigger picture goals for the organization. His thoughtful questions and tactical suggestions allowed me to consider my challenges from new perspectives. Joel’s clear thinking, pragmatic suggestions, and careful listening were immensely instrumental in grounding my work for future success with a focused vision. I always looked forward to our sessions as an opportunity to rise above myriad daily tasks and challenges and to think about big picture vision and strategy work. I highly recommend working with Joel and Ad Lucem Group.”

Kellie Vander Veur

Kellie Vander Veur

Owner, Double V Restaurants

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Michelle. She supported me where I was and helped me define where I wanted to go in the next phase of my life and career. She encouraged me to change a negative mindset about some past work experiences and move into a much more positive mindset, which has been so beneficial. Michelle helped me to establish specific goals for what I want to do next in my career and I now feel confident that I know what I want the next and last phase of my career to encompass. I had to get over some mental roadblocks to get to this place, and Michelle’s guidance was instrumental in helping me overcome these roadblocks.”

Alexandra Wiatr

Alexandra Wiatr

Founder and Director, The Mindful Collective

“Patrick is the rare coach/mentor who will approach his work with you in a deeply knowledgeable yet caring and heart-centered manner. He knew exactly the questions to ask us that prompted a greater depth in the formulation of our initial business strategy and planning. From guiding us through creating our very first financial projections to leading with compassion and heart, Patrick is easily one of the most well-rounded mentors we’ve encountered in our startup journey to date.”

Jetta Cruse

Jetta Cruse

Executive Director, Adaptive Arts

“Patrick has been an invaluable mentor to our organization in reviewing and advising us on our business plan, marketing, and strategy. He is professional, respectful of our time, and puts us at ease, especially in areas we didn’t fully understand. He has been very responsive and we are very happy with the outcomes of our work together.”

Nancy Fawakhiri

Nancy Fawakhiri

Founder, Workforce Development Solutions

“Patrick consistently exceeds my expectations. He is extremely knowledgeable and asks thought provoking questions that lead to valuable and actionable insight. He’s been a trusted advisor to me, and I highly recommend his advisory services.”

To get started, schedule a complimentary 30-minute Pre-Assessment call.