Ad Lucem Executive Accelerator

70% of change efforts fail. The good news? We know why the other 30% succeed.

When you have a mandate to drive successful change and no easy solution, we’ll help you stick your landing.

We help purpose-driven executives who drive critical change initiatives to:

Achieve a clear vision

Execute on strategy

Align their teams

Elevate performance

Accelerate growth

Are you currently facing any of these challenges?


  • Battling organizational inertia to deliver a significant change initiative?
  • Taking the helm of an organization, needing to process a ton of information, accelerate team alignment, and develop your game plan for success?
  • Struggling to realize the productivity and efficiency gains your company’s restructuring or M&A activity was supposed to deliver?
  • Falling behind your sales/revenue growth or profitability targets?
  • Needing to deliver to post-funding increased investor expectations?
  • Fighting to keep your best talent engaged for peak performance?

Bring us your thorniest problems.

In Ad Lucem’s Executive Accelerator, we pair you with a team of executive-level advisors, custom-selected for you and laser-focused on helping you succeed.


Acting as an extension of your leadership team, we bring our expert insight and vast industry experience to bear in the current challenges you face.


We provide a fresh outlook and expert advisory support, helping you and your organization identify and double down on your strengths to accelerate your success.


We’ll provide you with your custom Peak Performance Path to show you the fastest and most effective path forward.


With your custom Peak Performance Path, you will receive an assessment of your key structural, strategic, execution, and cultural challenges and assets as well as a strategic roadmap and key recommendations for achieving the results you seek – for you and your organization.


We guarantee that the Ad Lucem Executive Accelerator will deliver a full return on your initial investment.

How the Accelerator works, step-by-step:


Conduct an initial intake to explore your context and challenges.


Convene an expert advisory team, customized to your needs.


Jointly identify and define the key performance indicators of success.


Interview key stakeholders and gather data.


Review our findings with you, focusing on your strengths and untapped opportunities, risks, and a strategic roadmap with recommended next steps.


Review our findings with you, focusing on your strengths and untapped opportunities, risks, and a strategic roadmap with recommended next steps.


Answer any questions and help identify additional considerations for implementation.

From there, the choice is yours: take your Peak Performance Path and run with it on your own, or engage our services to implement and drive toward action.

Either way, we guarantee your return on investment.

How do we know this works?


We’ve come alongside other executives like you, enabling them to achieve significant performance improvements, including:


  • Delivering 15-20% top-line growth and 30% bottom line growth in one year for a CEO whose growth had flatlined;
  • Turning around a business that was 6-months away from insolvency, allowing the owners to grow revenues, achieve profitability, and retain their staff;
  • Hitting the ground running as a newly hired executive and develop a reputation for success, by quickly assessing organizational assets, talents, and risks, developing a 30-60-90 day plan, and delivering quick but meaningful wins;
  • Rapidly completing a large-scale organizational transformation, while simultaneously improving employee engagement and retention; and
  • Streamlined operations, ensuring cultural integration and improving efficiency post-merger, enabling subsequent launches into new markets.

And we will help you achieve similar results.


It will be our pleasure to speak with you to identify how we can help you achieve the outcomes that are most important to you through our Executive Accelerator.
After an initial call, we will prepare a custom proposal, so that you can make a fully informed decision.