Board Revitalization Kickstart

Transcend mere “check-the-box” governance and create a purpose-driven board culture with increased loyalty, engagement, and retention.

Set of three photos: From left to right: A group of people seated around a conference table, three women in business attire smiling, a woman presenting to a board room.

As the CEO/Executive Director for your organization do you find yourself contending with any of these challenges?

  • Struggling to prioritize and balance competing organizational demands?
  • Wrestling with inconsistent Board engagement?
  • Operating too “in the weeds” with your Board and lacking the right level of strategic support you need?
  • Experiencing a revolving door of recruitment and retention of well-suited Board volunteers?
  • Finding your Board stagnating? Or flirting with toxic behaviors?
  • Stymied as to how to best engage with your Board between meetings?
  • Frustrated that you and your team are not achieving your full organizational potential?

If so, our decades of experience can help you overcome these challenges and get on a path to thriving.

We help you create a Board culture that is aligned to purpose, and drives the powerful benefits of increased loyalty, engagement, and retention. This culture will be your path to a thriving board and sustained impact across your organization.

“Ad Lucem Group played a pivotal role in guiding Food Export through a transformative journey of defining our Mission, Vision, and Values. Their expertise and tailored approach not only aligned with our organizational goals but also inspired our team to fully engage in the process. Thanks to Ad Lucem, our MVV statements now serve as a beacon, driving our commitment to peak performance and propelling our nonprofit to new heights.”

Brendan Wilson

Executive Director/CEO, Food Export Midwest & Northeast

In this collaborative workshop, we work with you to:

  1. Distill your vision for greater clarity;
  2. Assess your board strengths, challenges, and opportunities for greater impact; and
  3. Create a Strategic Roadmap with recommendations to meet your goals.

You Will Receive:

Live Kick-Start Workshop

In this 3-hour collaborative Kickstart Workshop, two Ad Lucem Group advisors will work with you to catalyze key insights/outcomes described above. (Optionally, you may also include your Board Chair in this workshop.)

Strategic Roadmap

Our advisors will create a Customized Strategic Roadmap incorporating the outcomes above within 2 weeks of workshop completion.

Review Call

Finally, our team will lead a Review Call to debrief your Strategic Roadmap and launch prospective next steps. There is also an optional briefing of the Strategic Roadmap with your Board or Board Executive Committee, with discussion.

Process Logistics


Kick-Off Call

We will have a brief kickoff call together to introduce the Intake Assessment form, identify appropriate and readily available collateral to be incorporated into the assessment process, and establish next steps and timing.


Intake Assessment

You will complete the brief Intake Assessment form and share agreed upon collateral to share with ALG advisors in preparation for your custom Kickstart Workshop.


Design Your Experience

Your ALG advisors will review your Intake Assessment and associated collateral to optimize your custom Kickstart Workshop experience.


Kickstart Workshop

Your ALG executive advisors will facilitate your Kickstart Workshop. During this collaborative working session, we will identify insights for your success and develop key action items. (The Kickstart Workshop is designed for a virtual format to minimize disruption and increase efficiency. In-person format is available if desired.)


Receive Your Custom Roadmap

Your ALG advisors will prepare your custom Strategic Roadmap and review it with you to debrief the key recommendations for your success.

Your Financial Investment

Starting at $5,000
(in-person format and/or follow-on Board presentation options are available for an additional fee)

Your Time Investment

6-8 hours

Return on Investment

As a result of this work, you will chart a significant course trajectory for radically improved board performance and associated organizational impact. It’s common for our clients to realize our quantifiable >10x return on their investment for the application of these insights and recommendations from this work.

Sustaining Success

Following your Board Revitalization Kickstart, you can engage additional ALG advisor support with:


  • Board Development Workshops/Engagement Summit Retreats to enact the recommendations provided to achieve greater loyalty, engagement, and retention
  • Executive Coaching (e.g., ongoing; quarterly sprints) to enable your continued success;
  • Direct Board Engagement and/or assessment through surveys, interviews, etc.
  • In-Depth Team and Process Performance Assessments to unpack additional insights, achieve broad-scale buy-in, and accelerate innovation; and
  • Strengths-Based Summits for your leadership teams to transform your organization, elevate performance, and achieve long-term success; or to develop multi-year strategic plans.

“Patrick, and everyone at Ad Lucem Group, combine the right amount of critical strategic thinking with organizational empathy that is rare among consultants. We felt challenged as well as supported throughout our strategic planning process. We were equipped to have important, and sometimes hard, conversations that have brought us to a place where we have a better understanding of ourselves, our board, our staff and our mission. We were able to break out of our arrested development as an organization and take the next steps toward becoming a sustainable nonprofit with a vision for how to serve our community. We learned that being strategic isn’t static; the tools we received from Patrick will serve us well into the future as we continue to grow.”

Read Case Study Here

Missy Schrock

Executive Director, Center for Healing & Hope

“Ad Lucem Group brought a concise and systematic approach to our strategic planning efforts. I was impressed at how they tailored their approach to meet our diverse stakeholder needs. The preparation and direction they helped us undertake was particularly beneficial. I knew I could always reach out to them with any question and they would be responsive and quick to answer. Ad Lucem Group listened closely to what our goals and needs were, adapted to our team, and made the process easy and fun. We accomplished a lot of hard work in a short amount of time, and I’m grateful for all of their efforts.”

Jennifer Haney

Regional Development Coordinator, Crossroads United Way serving Elkhart, La Grange, and Noble Counties

“It’s easy to fall into routines and patterns of thinking. Patrick and Amber helped my team think differently about the challenges and opportunities in front of us. With their help, we created a strategic vision that was both inspiring and practical. Most importantly, they got the whole team excited and mobilized for the path ahead. It was transformative.”

Anna M. Amato, Ph.D.

Caretaker, Company Culture (CCC), edtec central, LLC

“When we first started the morning of our summit, I had only a glimmer of what the day held in store. At the end of the day? My goodness. We covered a lot of ground, from interviews with each other to think about high points with ECT, to concrete smaller ideas that have been captured so we can wrestle with them, to broad brainstorming of opportunities for growth during the next three years, to prototyping around five broad areas: finances, diversity, education, volunteer engagement, and membership engagement, all of which, ultimately, grew out of our initial stories. Thank you. Thank you for contributing your energy and spirit to a room of people all pulling for ECT. Thank you for your unflagging attention during the day. Thank you for your creative expression that brought life to our appreciative inquiry process. And thank you for your continued support of ECT.”

Brent Graber

President, Elkhart Civic Theatre Board of Directors