Executive Transitions for Peak Performance

Are you currently facing any of these challenges?


    • Taking the helm of an organization with a mandate to drive change?
    • Struggling to process an overwhelming amount of information, quickly identify the most critical levers, and determine your game plan for success?
    • Needing to accelerate your team alignment and achieve some quick wins?

If so, we can help you deliver meaningful business results faster than you imagined possible.

We will help you assess the lay of the land so you can accelerate your learning curve, and focus on the most critical success levers in your first 30/60/90 days.

Our Solution

We come alongside executive leaders to perform holistic strategic assessments, accelerate executive onboarding, and catalyze more innovative solutions to your most complex business problems.

We reinforce and build upon the capabilities you have, assess your go forward strategy, and create a clear and shared vision for future growth.

We help you elevate and accelerate performance, with solutions that your team will put their full weight behind, enabling you to achieve exceptional outcomes.

As a result, you will experience the following benefits:

– You will accelerate your learning curve and get familiar with your team and the organization while drastically reducing your effort.

– You will have clarity to focus on the most critical success levers in your first 30/60/90 days to achieve critical quick wins and set you up for long term success.

– You will more quickly build trust with and support from your team.

Where possible, we begin this assessment even before you land in your new role so that you can show up strong from day one.

This typically kicks off with a data/collateral request and a series of key stakeholder interviews leveraging a holistic battery of questions that enables us to create a thorough review of existing initiatives and uncover core strengths, risks and opportunities for your organization’s growth.

Our Approach

Provides the optimal blend of strategy, people, and technical knowledge with a strong focus on data-driven performance improvement.

In partnership with executive sponsors, we develop a tailored work plan and outputs that equip you to execute your transformation as effectively as possible.

We work alongside executives, bringing thought leadership and a pragmatic focus, to drive both the short and long-term competitive advantage.

We perform a detailed assessment of the current capabilities, processes, people, technology, and strategy. While we will help identify risks and gaps, our focus is centered on helping you truly understand and fully leverage the strengths and capabilities of your organization.

Throughout the process outlined below, we will review findings closely with your executive leadership to assess appropriate next steps for achieving your desired outcomes.

Key Activities / Deliverables

  • Confirm primary contacts & project team
  • Identify and gather essential data/collateral
  • Develop list of top stakeholders
  • Conduct Interviews and review assets
  • Draft and deliver strategic organizational assessment, custom roadmap and key recommendations, and 30/60/90 day plan/new leader playbook
  • Collaboratively review, iterate, and monitor the 30/60/90 day plan to ensure successful launch throughout the process.

Our unwavering commitment is to deliver as much value as quickly as possible so that you can accelerate your executive transformation, gaining immediate positive momentum that will result in exceptional outcomes for you, your team, and the organization at large.

Past Client Successes

Susan Standiford

Susan Standiford

Chief Product / Technology Officer, StepStone (Past Chief Technology Officer, IKEA)

“I have been fortunate enough to work with the (Ad Lucem Group / Optimus Partners) team on two different occasions: first on a large-scale transformation effort during my tenure as CTO IKEA and also in a strategy building and on-boarding fast-track initiative while CPTO at StepStone. The experience at IKEA was extremely positive – helping us to quickly assess gaps and opportunities in our operations and execution. That positive experience led me to leverage the team again when I was onboarding with StepStone. I was able to enlist them early to assist me with that executive transition so that I could hit the ground running. The team performed a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and teams – and was able to create a first-90 day plan as I was entering the company. They have been extremely T-shaped in their practice – able to guide and assist with strategic thinking and planning as well as being able to deep dive on technology and operations. Their ability to distill key strategic insights and convert them into actionable steps, while building significant relationships built on a high-degree of trust and competence across the organization have made them indispensable throughout this process.”

Selina Bilton

Selina Bilton

Chief of Staff to the Chief Technology/Product Officer, Stepstone (Past Chief of Staff to the Chief Technology Officer, IKEA)

“Ad Lucem Group acts as an extension to your own team, bringing thought leadership, focus and strategic direction to the table. They have an incredible ability to seamlessly complement executive leadership teams whilst developing strategies that realize the full potential of organisations, functions, and people in this omni-channel world.

In 2020 they were challenged (in partnership with Optimus Partners) with helping the Technology Group at IKEA to transform into a digital powerhouse. They quickly established themselves as trusted advisors triaging immediate problems, understanding the challenges of the function through multiple virtual interviews, and establishing plans for transformation. These plans focused not only on the details of a fully functioning technology and engineering team, but also the change in behaviours needed to really launch a successful outcome-driven team.

When you are working with Ad Lucem Group you really benefit from experts who are committed to change that matters. People are at the heart of everything they do. And, it is this ethos plus energy and speed that means I will continue to work through new challenges with them!”

And we can help you achieve similar results.

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