Business Transformation for Peak Performance

Is your businesses currently facing any of these challenges?

  • Battling organizational inertia to deliver a significant change initiative?
  • Growing your top and bottom line while delivering in new markets?
  • Striving to achieve the operational efficiencies you know your team is capable of?
  • Falling behind your sales/revenue growth or profitability targets?
  • Struggling to realize the productivity and efficiency gains your company’s restructuring or M&A activity was supposed to deliver?
  • Delivering to increased investor expectations post-funding?

If so, we can help you achieve peak performance.

Our Solution

We specialize in coming alongside executive leaders creating holistic business transformation plans and innovative solutions to your most complex business problems.

We reinforce and build upon the capabilities you have, assess your go forward strategy, and create a clear and shared vision for future growth.

We help you elevate and accelerate performance with solutions your team will put their full weight behind, enabling you to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Our Approach

In strategic partnership with executive sponsors, we tailor our transformation assessment, design, and delivery experiences to meet your desired outcomes.

We can design and deliver support for your communications, operations, and people strategies that custom fit the scope of your project.

Frequently, we pair these efforts with a custom Organizational Transformation Summit, built on the foundational tenets of appreciative inquiry, design thinking, human-centered design, and continual improvement best practices.

Throughout the process, we will work closely with your executive leadership team to assess appropriate action steps so you achieve your desired outcomes.

Our unwavering commitment is to deliver as much value as quickly as possible so that you can de-risk and accelerate your business transformation, gaining immediate positive momentum that will result in exceptional outcomes for your organization.

Past Client Successes

John Heiser

John Heiser


“As CEO of a global organization in the industrial manufacturing space, I turned to the consultants of Ad Lucem Group to assist me in driving innovation and strategy development within our product development and engineering team. Experts in the use of Appreciative Inquiry, Patrick, Melissa, and Amber were able to get to the heart of the positive core of our team and leverage that positive core to develop a winning strategy for innovation. They built instant trust with and among the team that allowed the team, and not the consultants, to lean into the process in a truly collaborative and productive manner. We saw immediate results following their work, that for me was a true testament of their value.”

Brendan Wilson

Brendan Wilson

Executive Director/CEO at Food Export Midwest & Northeast

“Ad Lucem Group played a pivotal role in guiding Food Export through a transformative journey of defining our Mission, Vision, and Values. Their expertise and tailored approach not only aligned with our organizational goals but also inspired our team to fully engage in the process. Thanks to Ad Lucem, our MVV statements now serve as a beacon, driving our commitment to peak performance and propelling our nonprofit to new heights.”

Kimberle Seale

Kimberle Seale

(Past) Executive Director, IT Strategy and Business Operations, Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.

“The summit we performed with Patrick, Melissa, and Amber was truly transformational. Our organization was one of hierarchy mindset where our employees didn’t feel like they had a voice. So when it came to brainstorming new ideas and implementing them, we never had employee buy-in. During our summit, we removed titles and solved a number of problems, created new solutions, a timeline for implementation and a budget over a 3 day period with 80+ people in the room. It was nothing I had ever seen before. What I hadn’t realized until the end of the summit was just how important it was for the employees to have a voice. One of the most introverted technologists stood up and gave a speech and gave thanks. It brought tears to my eyes. This summit was over 4 years ago and I still tell the story and leverage the tools we learned that day. It has made a significant impact in my leadership and my life.”